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Thank you – the Full Wolf Moon 34th #FullMoonEngageMe

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Daily I developed a hobby of developing friendships online.

Over the past 7 years I’ve noticed more and more local people I know and know through others are flocking onto social media.

I pay attention.  The increased attention to social media marketing definitely is higher today than yesterday whether you like it or not.  With 100 or 1000 online friendships you see a lot of content.  A LOT faster than offline 1 person to person.

Offline might be considered like a turtle.  It’s slow.

So I get a lot of good and not so good info about news and reactions and responses online on my own social media.

Sports, Photography, Running, business quotes, Toastmasters, local Delray Beach are some of my favorite topics to follow daily.

I watch and respond to people the SAME as you would in person, but I can do it with many and faster on social…

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