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+1300 shares++7,000+shares cheers PaulSteinbrueck e(PDSTEIN) #PDSTEIN
(y) (y) Awesome — Well done!: ♛♥♪♥ — #Happy2017 @GodSent247 Thank you: #GodSpeed LetLoveWin

Empire.Kred 7,000+shares cheers PaulSteinbrueck #PDSTEIN
— Well done!: ♛♥♪♥ — #Happy2017 @GodSent247


Paul Steinbrueck


CEO of , husband, father of 3, blogger. Let’s help each other live, love, lead & communicate better.

Tampa, FL
Joined May 2009
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  1. godsent247 Says:

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    Share Price: 2,374.31e
    Safety Harbor, FL · United States
    Invest Sell
    Manage Lists Price Alerts
    Dividends Paid to You: 11,384.49 e ( 0.00)
    Value in Your Portfolio: 16,620,148.65 e ( 1,930,743.08 )
    Avg Dividend/Share: 1.03e
    Shares They Own In You: 4697
    Shares Owned By You: 7000
    Total Shares OUTSTANDING!: 7,736,869
    Your Last Transaction: Purchased 1300 shares at 2,373.92e each (total: 3,086,101.40e) about 19 minutes ago.
    Current Value: 3,086,599.04 e ( 497.64 )
    Share Price (e)
    30 Day Share Price
    27. Mar
    10. Apr

    Stock Market: 234 Transactions this week ( 33 today)
    9 Facebook Posts, 21 Likes this week ( 2 posts today)
    5 Facebook Page posts, 26 Likes this week
    11 Tweets posted this week ( 1 today)
    (Note: data is not real time and is cached)

    Investment History
    Dividends To You History
    Dividend Payouts History

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