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+93 shares Karen (e)HAIRBOUTIQUE sent you.

+93 shares+214 shares++13000+cheers #MIKEYLITO Mike Murray e(MIKEYLITO) ♛♥♪♥ Thank you — #Happy2017 @GodSent247 #GodSpeed LetLoveWin #Kindnesses #RAOK



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  1. godsent247 Says:

    +31 shares Karen (e)HAIRBOUTIQUE sent you.

    +31 shares+238 +200 shares++13,300+cheers #SCOTTY1 Scotty Barker e(SCOTTY1) ♛♥♪♥ Thank you — #Happy2017 @GodSent247 #GodSpeed LetLoveWin #Kindnesses #RAOK

  2. godsent247 Says:

    Quickview Scotty Barker View in Portfolio

    Scotty Barker

    Share Price: 2,321.22e
    Lismore, NSW, Australia · Australia
    Invest Sell
    Manage Lists Price Alerts
    Dividends Paid to You: 37,805.57 e ( 0.00)
    Value in Your Portfolio: 30,872,196.34 e ( 12,835,338.30 )
    Avg Dividend/Share: 1.48e
    Shares They Own In You: 13300
    Shares Owned By You: 13300
    Total Shares OUTSTANDING!: 7,225,596
    Your Last Transaction: Purchased 200 shares at 2,321.16e each (total: 464,231.95e) about 5 minutes ago.
    Current Value: 464,243.55 e ( 11.60 )
    Share Price (e)
    30 Day Share Price
    17. Jul
    31. Jul

    Stock Market: 500+ Transactions this week ( 100+ today)
    Missions: 138 Completions from 60 profiles this week
    5 Tweets posted this week ( 1 today)
    (Note: data is not real time and is cached)

    Investment History
    Dividends To You History
    Dividend Payouts History

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