JonJivan Creates Spreadsheet Tracking Son’s First Words – the Graphs are Fascinating

Gingernut's Science Dunk

We all know that kids are pretty amazing. I mean, they might be snotty balls of tears and screaming, but they literally have to learn EVERYTHING and they actually succeed! Arguably, one of the most important skills a child must learn is language. It is one of the most complicated and poorly-understood elements of our modern existence. The vast majority of us use it every single day, particularly now that our lives have transferred online.

Developmental psychologist have been studying language development for many many years, and have come up with some basic stages which relate to most people. Generally, most psychologists agree that language begins with babbling, followed by holophrases (single words which indicate full sentences, e.g. “car” to mean “look at that shiny car!”), after which comes two-word sentences, then telegraphic sentences (short sentences without conjunctives or articles), and finally adult-like speech. This is a very simple breakdown…

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